Carry In Style - Melanie Koswal

To me, babywearing is part of our way of life.
It's not just carrying Mason (just turned 3) in a wrap or carrier, but it's much more.
It's having my hands free to hold the heavy grocery bags while carrying him asleep on my back up the stairs. It's being independent when we travel by train, because we don't need any help with a stroller.
It's connecting with like minded people.
It's helping new parents.
It's my passion.

My best babywearing adventure was ... Well, we have had so many great adventures, but if I had to choose I have to say going to a concert with Mason.

As (future) parents you should know that you're not spoiling your child when babywearing!
I hear that so often, but every child wants to be carried (one more often than the other), so why not make it as easy as possible for yourself and carry him/ her in a babycarrier or wrap in stead of your arms?

Melanie Koswal, Trageberaterin aus Amsterdam, Mutter eines Sohnes, Macherin von Carry In Style

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